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25-501 Kielce
Our mission

People, space, experience, meeting, idea, cooperation. And what are we doing with all of this?

We believe that in the activities of our Association, the model of international cooperation focusing on direct interpersonal relations, partnership and the diversity of initiated projects is what is most important in the long-term process of euro-integration and building a civil society in Eastern European countries, and at the same time for us a good way for a successful and interesting life. .

Our place in the NGO sector is determined by the fact that we often think and act differently from others.

Thanks to this, the model - the way in which we cooperate with the countries of Eastern Europe is very flexible - based primarily on original social and economic projects. Each initiative is based on the principle: human - idea beyond borders - human.
Through our activities, we strive to develop the partnership between the EU and Eastern European countries, while ensuring the active participation of societies.

Already today, thanks to our initiatives, we are successfully creating a space for such activities and we are looking for partners for cooperation.
Will you join us?

Our mission