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Szkoły Języka Polskiego w Kielcach

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Why do you have to participate in our Polish Language School in Kielce?

The programme of school focuses on the practical study of the Polish language. We believe that the trip to Poland is the best way to learn our difficult language ;)
School participants will learn, for example:

  • how to travel around Poland, go shopping, or book a ticket or buy dinner in the restaurant,
  • learn about culture, history and everyday life of Poles
  • learn how to deal with formal matters, or how to study or work in Poland,
  • take part in international integration workshops organized in a modern Museum of Dialogue of Cultures in Kielce.

Educational programme of the school offers 30-40 hours, held by experienced teachers, practical field experience and e-learning. We provide a set of training materials, and a certificate after the course complementation. Our program is adapted to individual needs of the participants, and through practical work in the educational field, all participants will have constant contact with the Polish language.

 Education and adventure with the polish language in magical land of the świetokrzyskie mountainsedua.eu

Participation in Polish Language School in amazing land of the świetokrzyskie mountains, in a place where dinosaurs lived and the witches were coming on their magical broomsticks. Our Polish School is an educational adventure, during which the participants will:

  • get to know the oldest history and start extraordinary journey in the 5D capsule to the depth of the earth
  • see the land of dinosaurs in Baltow,
  • meet Baba Yaga in picturesque swietokrzyskie mountains,
  • meet Mammoth and Neanderthal in the most beautiful cave in Poland - Paradise Cave,
  • discover the world's largest flint mine having more than 4000 years!,
  • see medieval castles and palaces in Swietokrzyskie region,


  • get to know a dynamic and modern city Kielce,
  • get to know the newest history of Poland and European Union,
  • participate in European workshops in Kielce universities
  • What is more important, all the participants will get to know new friend during Polish - Ukrainian cultural evenings.

 Our experienced staff with a passion for work edua.eu

We work with experienced educators and teachers of Polish. We’ve organized dozens of Polish - Ukrainian initiatives co- financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. F.ex.:

  • trainings, educational and business conferences in Poland, Ukraine and Russia,
  • Polish language school in Kielce and Świętokrzyskie region,
  • study visits to Poland and Ukraine,
  • youth exchanges with participants from Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Estonia and Lithuania,
  • integration visits and holidays.

Our schools are organized in approved and attractive places. We cooperate with numerous organizations, cultural institutions, universities and hotels in Poland and Ukraine.

 Learning by innovative methods like classes with the tablet or E-LEARNINGedua.eu

We have something that others do not have ;) In addition to the traditional classroom, we offer a unique and modern method of learning the Polish language. Each participant receives a tablet with Internet access and e-learning platform for the duration of Schools. This is something completely new! Thanks to this innovation in our school, classes with tablets provide:

  • constant contact with the Polish language,
  • access to free database of thousands of Polish books and movies,
  • constant contact with the teacher,
  • electronic guidebook of Kielce and Poland - maps, interesting places, universities,
  • constant online contact with tutors!

 Very good accommodation conditions edua.eu

We provide accommodation in Kielce (15 minutes walk from the city center and modern shopping malls) in the best location areas with the appropriate standard and Internet access. The restaurant`s chefs in Kielce provide you with good food. Students will have a full meal course including three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with international. There is a good tradition in our schools - musical meetings in the mountains with barbeque. Every day on the way to school you will pass the statue of Henryk Sienkiewicz (the author of a famous polish book "With Fire and Sword"). The most beautiful street in Kielce is called after his name. Near the Sienkiewicz street, there is the Market Square, where the classes will take place. Around the Market square there is beautifully restored old town. Kielce is also a city of modern shopping malls. You can find there not only shops but also cinema, bowling, billiards and a gym.

 Transport and safety of the participantsedua.eu

Safety of the participants is very important for us. During the whole time of the School we provide the participants with the tutors. If necessary, we provide medical care.


 "Do you speak Polish?" "How does the polish soup zurek taste?" - what else should I ask?edua.eu

Before starting a school we want to know your level of Polish. This will allow us to choose the appropriate language level group and to prepare appropriate materials for you. Therefore, one of the first steps is to fill in the application form along with a short test to check the knowledge of Polish. In the form, we ask about organizational issues allowing us to get to know better the individual needs of our participants. You will taste traditional polish soup in Kielce :)

 Are we going to Poland?edua.eu

What should you do first of all?

Step 1

Check out our OFFER, SCHEDULED and payment agreement.

Step 2

Our local consultant will contact you in order to prepare the documentation necessary for the departure.

Step 3

Arriving to your place destination and here we go, starting our trip!