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25-501 Kielce
Polish-Ukrainian cleaning of velley Silnica

On Saturday, October 22, in a Polish-Ukrainian group, we cleaned the Silnica valley at our Karczunek street in Kielce.

We would like to thank all the Good Souls who supported us in Saturday's cleaning action of the Silnica Valley!
Together we found a lot of "treasures" that will probably feel better in a landfill. We, on the other hand, will have the satisfaction that we left at least a tiny piece of the world to the better...

If you have doubts whether such actions are for you, be sure to view the photo gallery below. What's interesting - our youngest participants were only 4 months old.  And the dog Tofik would like to recommend our ECO activities to everyone. After the BBQ he was happy to help us clear some things off the table!

And all this as part of the SIEW project "Świętokrzyskie - the center of international social activity" co-financed from the NEW FIO program.


Polish-Ukrainian cleaning of velley Silnica
Polish-Ukrainian cleaning of velley Silnica