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Association Integration Europe - East with the Special Award of the City of Kielce for 2022!

The exceptional ambassadors of Kielce were awarded for the 28th time. Among the distinguished were outstanding musicians, artists, enthusiasts, social activists and institutions operating in various areas of social life. This year, in addition to ten individual awards, the Kielce authorities also awarded three special prizes. The winners were selected from 38 candidates. The ceremonial gala took place on the Small stage of the Kielce Cultural Center.

Awards of the city of Kielce, were presented by the deputy president of Kielce Bożena Szczypiór and chairman of the Kielce City Council Jarosław Karyś.

- You are the best ambassadors of Kielce. Your achievements inspire and motivate others, including the young generation. The Kielce authorities appreciate and will always honor those who work hard, so that the inhabitants of Kielce live better. The development of Kielce would not be possible without you. On his own behalf, as well as the president of Kielce, he gives cordial congratulations and thanks for your commitment and promotion of our beautiful city - said the deputy president of Kielce Bożena Szczypiór.

Among the winners of individual awards were: Aleksandra Sapiasz - actress of the "Winnie" Puppet and actor theater in Kielce, Renata Wicha - pedagogue, vice president of the "Hope Family" Association and president of the "Hope Family" Foundation, Dariusz Grzegorz Stępień - social worker, veteran of activities abroad States, member of the UN Peace Complex Association, Jakub Galiński - music producer, composer, session musician, Jakub Porada - television and radio journalist, vocalist, travel enthusiast, Barbara Burczyk - player of the Świętokrzyski speleoklub, Anna Parkita - pianist, academic teacher and art doctor , Katrina Sadrak and Rafał Urbański - recognized artists belonging to the Association of Polish Artists of the Kielce District, Marta Sawicka -Jaworska - Humanitarian Help coordinator for people from Ukraine at ul. Paderewskiego 49/51, Marcin Patrzałek - guitarist, composer, percussion producer of FingerStyle.

This year, the Kielce authorities exceptionally awarded three awards for a selected person, company or organization. Special prizes went to Konstanty Kamionka - founder and co -owner of KH -KIPPER, the Integration Europa - East Association and to the Vocational Training Center.

- I would like to thank all the winners for being able to infect others with your passion. You show that Kielce is important to you, regardless of what field you act in whether it is business, sport or culture. This special reward is an expression of our gratitude to those who help and make it famous all over the country - said Jarosław Karyś chairman Kielce.

In addition, the deputy president of Kielce Agata Wojda and Marcin Chłodnicki, winners from previous years, Kielce councilors and other invited guests participated in the awarding gala of the city awards for 2022.

Each of the winners received a commemorative statuette, diploma and flowers, while the winners of individual awards an additional four thousand zlotys. The awards of the city of Kielce have been presented since 1995 and have permanently entered the calendar of the most important events of our city. The awards are awarded by the President of Kielce in consultation with the City Council Convention, they are received by people from various environments who, with their attitude, work and activity, contribute to the promotion and development of Kielce. Among the previous winners were, among others Representatives of the business world, outstanding artists, journalists, clergy, scientists and social activists.

The ceremony at the Kielce Culture Center was graced by the recital of the Novi Piano Duo piano duo, composed of Anna Wielgus and Grzegorz Nowak.

Source: Miasto Kielce

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We are very happy and thank you for the distinction of the Integration Association Europe - East!

It is a huge motivation for us to continue working!

Best regards to the whole of Kielce: SIEW team :)

Association Integration Europe - East with the Special Award of the City of Kielce for 2022!
Association Integration Europe - East with the Special Award of the City of Kielce for 2022!
Association Integration Europe - East with the Special Award of the City of Kielce for 2022!