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Thanks to SIEW from the Mayor of Vinnytsia for supporting Ukraine

A foreign delegation visiting the Kielce Technology Park.

Technological Park in the city of Kielce was visited by Sergey Morgunov - Mayor of Vinnitsa and Pavel Yablonsky - Secretary of the Vinnitsa City Council. The Ukrainian delegation was accompanied by guests from the partner city of Ramla in Israel, who were in Kielce on the occasion of the city's holiday: Ronen Rothstein, a member of the Ramla city council, and Oran Rosenberg, director of the Department of Events and External Affairs and Exchanges.

The President of the city of Kielce, Bohdan Venta, thanked the companies and institutions of the city of Kielce, which joined the assistance to Ukraine. - From the very beginning, we understood that this war is not a sprint, it will last a long time. Long-term activity would not be possible without the help of business, including large companies, and for this I am sincerely grateful to you. He also stressed the importance of Polish-Ukrainian friendship and cooperation, in particular, the 65th anniversary of cooperation with the city of Vinnitsa.

In his speech, the mayor of the city of Vinnitsa - Sergey Morgunov noted:

– If there was no exceptional patriotism of Ukrainians, a sense of unity in this struggle and support from the entire democratic world, there would be no Ukraine, and subsequently there would be no Europe. I want to thank the people of Kielce, the Poles and the entire democratic world for what you are doing, for the great help that is being provided during this war. And in Vinnytsia, we are well aware that not only the authorities of the city of Kielce, but also companies, each person helps and holds his fists for the victory of Ukraine. Not only to the city, institutions, companies, to everyone personally.

During the meeting, the Mayor handed over to the Mayor of Kielce the flag of Ukraine with the signatures and words of gratitude that the military units of Winnica address to the community of the city of Kielce. Thanks were given to companies, institutions and associations that were particularly involved in helping Ukraine: Barlinek, Industria, DS Smith, Food Bank in Kielce, Municipal Family Support Center in Kielce ,Association Integration Europe-East and Kielce Technology Park.

- Every morning when I wake up, I hope to hear on the radio that the war in Ukraine is over - emphasized Justyna Lichosik, Director of the Kielce Technology Park. - On the part of the companies that are at this meeting today, but also the companies that are involved in the Park, we are very much counting on this end and that we will be able to change the activity we are currently carrying out and get involved in activities related to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

At the end, the Mayor gave cordial greetings to the inhabitants of Kielce in connection with the Celebrated Kielce Day and conveyed his wishes - I would like to wish health, optimism and no war to all Kielce inhabitants and Poles.

Source: KPT


Thanks to SIEW from the Mayor of Vinnytsia for supporting Ukraine
Thanks to SIEW from the Mayor of Vinnytsia for supporting Ukraine